The Garden

The idea is to design the garden in such a way it will attract a lot of nature, with constant color and changes going on

Our current garden fits the current purpose, but is not really giving what we hoped it would give. Hence we decided to ask advise from an expert.

Our wishlist

• nature rich garden/  many flowers and animals / little  grass field
• ecological water cleaning ?
• ecological swimming pool
• gardenhous /poolhouse (fsc labeld, non-treated wood)
• open towards the bush and a view on the little canal
• table and relax possibilities in the shadow
• table and dinner possibilities in the sun
• covered sitting possibilities (enjoy a warm rainy day)
• place for a table tennis table
• place for chicken
• compost place
• flowers and plants from local origin
• small paths (water draining)
• reuse of material from the house  (stones maybe for wall in the canal ?  or for a place for animals)
• rain collection
• low energy lights
• network connection in pool house


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