Wooden LED balk being shaped

Thanks to the skills and knowledge of Walter, we are getting very close to our self-made lights ..; Watch out for photos

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Painting ceilings and putting plinths

Geert & Anne came to help on weekends: ceilings were white-lied in BB1 and BB2. Plinths were put on BB1 and in the bedroom.

Thank you very much!

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Home Automation Problem: Phantom Window

A window opens unexpectedly on regular basis. Will diagnose in the weekend.

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Painting and ceiling of the garage

Sunday we had helping hands from Hilde. She helped painting the second floor.

Wednesday Peter helped with the ceiling from the garage.  A lot better already.

Photos will follow …

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Stairway placed !

Eventually the stairway is now placed. It really starts to look as a real home now.

<foto’s volgen>

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Telenet Joke

Yesterday appointment with  Telenet to install/activate Internet / Phone / TV

After I got several text messages to make sure I prepared everything, the man came at the exact agreed houtr. First thing he said: I can’t do anything here, this needs to be a diferent team to do the works on the public domain …. Again a mistake from the Telenet administration.

New appointment  28 August ( 6 weeks later) voor de public works,  2 September for the activation ….

What a joke !!

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Painting works started

We started with the painting works on the second level.

With helping hands from Kasper, Janne, Rudi D/

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Screens repaired


Today we had the engineers from Interproject looking to the screens.  Due to a stupid manipulation with my new Wifi router, I lost connected and had to drive home to get my laptop. Once back, testing again, we had an issue with the screen in the living, while they worked before.

Luckily Interproject was still there and could resolve the issue. But we are not sure if the root cause was found and solved.  In fact we are sure it was not found.

So we will regularly test to see if al is working well.



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Floor Insulation

Needed to reject a weekend with our walking friends. The floor insulation was urgent because the floor heating and the chape was planned for next week.  The insulation is a resol foam, plates of 10 cm in 2 layers, totaling 20 cm insulation.

Pressure resistant resol foam is somewhat  better for the environment than  PUR/PIR. It is classified as 2a according to NIBE.

As it as all very urgent, we asked some help from Dirk M and Geert D. Luckily, without them I would never got the time to fix everything before Monday morning !


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More and more technics

De technical room  is getting there step by step.  Now it is ready for a flattening layer.

2016-03-19 18.24.57.jpg

Water and heating pipes

2016-03-19 18.25.03.jpg

collectors for the ground tubes which will be used for cooling in the summer

2016-03-19 18.25.07.jpg

Electricity and home automation cables

2016-03-19 18.25.11.jpg


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